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Students Say

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At FHSS, my fear of going to a school has vanished. I have learnt to be friendly and playful. My parents are happy to see me looking cheerful nowadays. I love you all teachers.

- Abdul K, Class 4
The Teachers coaching is very nice in our school.I like the entire teacher’s in our school. I love to play in our school field. All the teachers likes me very much in our school.

- Anita , Class 4
The teachers are good and kind to all the students. Here all the students are given a chance to participate in the school activities. The big and beautifully set auditorium. All the children both big and small play together.

- Saurabh , Class 7
In FHSS we have the freedom to ask any doubts regarding lessons or any other topic. We get a chance or opportunity to involve in all the activities of the school.

- Nisha , Class 8

Students Say
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