About Guwahati
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A collection of information which shared an outlook of a philosophy, discipline, belief, social movement, cultural movement, or art movement.

Our Motto
Service before Self

Our Vision
To ignite the spirit of learning in the young mind and to prepare them to be caring citizens of tomorrow, equipped with life-skills to sustain them vigorously in life and to hold their own in a Global World ; - to be technologically savvy yet rooted to soil.

In keeping with the theory of multiple intelligence, we believe that every child has some latent talent and we seek to make them aware of this. We offer a wide range of activities so that their latent talents are unfolded and they are aware of their areas of interest and strength.

Personality Development Programmes under trained counselors deal with Emotional Intelligence, life skills, coping with adolescence, gender relationships and about the human face, - empathy and conscience and dash of spirituality.

Co-curricular activities like Games and Sports, Quiz, debates, singing, dancing, environmental and other club activities, NCC, Scouts and Guides, help to bring out the potentially in different spheres of a child.

Education on Health and Lifestyle dealing with diet, exercise and awareness about preventive diseases which are linked to today’s life style alongwith special ‘awareness’ and learning about reproductive hygiene, gets the emphasis it deserves in a child’s curriculum at an appropriate age.

Also, a Meditation Centre gives the necessary initial input to some students to start an odyssey of a different kind of learning in life.
We believe that alongwith proper indoor facilities, we need to develop open verdant spaces, playfields, trees, shrubs, walkways, water bodies to create the right ambience for a school and we have strived to create such an ambience in our institution.

Some areas are evolving, some are yet to be effectively implemented, but our basic vision remains focused, - to nurture healthy and caring children who will one day make a difference in the society.

Our Goal / Aim of the school
The aim of the school is :
  1. To impart sound education under CBSE curriculum with emphasis towards developing an alert and inquisitive mind.
  2. To arouse and channelise the latent talent of each student through extra curricular activities, like games and sports, hobby clubs, house activities, cultural and other activities.
  3. To develop a positive attitude amongst the students and the development of their Emotional Intelligence so that they can cope with the stresses and strains of life, develop interpersonal relationships and other life skills so essential in today’s world.
  4. To equip them with the knowledge that is required to compete in today’s competitive world and also to think beyond the conventional and pursue careers / professions that their heart sets out to.
  5. To bring out independent thinkers, conscientious citizens of the country.

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