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Code of Conduct

Code of conduct for the students
  • All students should come to school in proper school uniform.
  • Coming to school by Motorcycle or any kind of two wheeler and car is prohibited.
  • All students will have to wear their respective House Shirts on Thursday for P.T.
  • While moving from one class to another they should invariably move in queues and not disturb other classes.
  • The pupils will see to it that the school premises and classrooms are not made dirty. The seating arrangement should not be disturbed. Any damages to school property or losses should be reported immediately to the class teacher or the Principal. Any willful damage will have to be made good by the person(s) responsible for doing it.
  • No student will be allowed to leave the school before the normal closing time of the school unless in case of sudden illness/accident in which case he/she will be sent home with an escort.
  • Students must be punctual for all classes and other activities.
  • All pupils shall get into the classes immediately after the first bell is rung and take their respective seats assigned to them by the class teacher. Lights and fans should be switched off when students leave the room.
  • Pupils must bring the prescribe textbooks and note books to the class. No books other than the textbooks. VCDs etc. should be brought to the school. Use of mobile phone in the school is prohibited. Mobile phones/I-pods are not allowed in the school upto Class- XII and if found, will be confiscated by the school authorities.
  • No pupil shall take part in any unlawful activities. They will show perfect discipline inside the school.
  • Students should not go out of the school during school hours and shall not purchase anything from the vendors.
  • Money should not be lent or borrowed, or articles exchanged.
  • The school is not responsible for any article lost. It is not advisable to bring costly articles, like watches, ornaments etc. to the school.
  • Lost and unclaimed articles should be handed over to the school office.
  • Chewing of any form of Pan Masala, Ghutka etc. is strictly prohibited in the school campus and the buses.
  • All students are expected to carry out instructions of the School Captain and Vice Captains, House Captains and Vice-Captains and Class Captain and Vice-Captain.

Code of Conduct
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